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[15 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 674 views]
Selling Out of Order

We’ve all seen the type. The kind that opens or approaches so hard that you can sense their nervous energy and desperation to make a sale. Usually, they get shot down. But when a prospect gives them the time of day, they get so excited about a potential deal that they make all sorts of concessions. Long term profitability suffers as a result.
Aggressive Early, Passive Late – probably the wrong way to optimize sales.
Someone with value to give to a potential customer opens straightforwardly but gently. Qualifying the prospect correctly …

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Would You Do It All Again?

Entrepreneurship looks easy, glamorous and fun from a distance. When you’re in the thick of it, risking your name and credit, things get a little less glossy. When you’re deep in The Dip, when everything seems to be going wrong, when the world doesn’t care, you start to think about quitting. After all, you left a comfortable job with great benefits. You get no vacation days now. Everything is shipping late and costs much more to make than you anticipated. Cash flow just isn’t materializing.  Quitting seems the reasonable thing …

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[2 Dec 2009 | 2 Comments | 2,315 views]
“I Can Only Sell What I Like”

How many times have you heard this? How many times have you yourself said it? I too have been guilty of it.
The problem with being able to sell only what you like or “believe in” is that you never have to improve your sales skills. You get to brush aside every failure to sell something simply by saying, “I didn’t really believe in that.” Or you get to take a pass on a great sales opportunity that requires you to learn a new industry, sell to higher level executives, manage …

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Little Sister So Spectacular

Check out this video of my friend Ginger Costa Jackson singing in Verbier, Switzerland with Rufus Wainwright! I was so delighted by this I just had to share it. Ginger is one of the most talented and beautiful young opera singers.
I met her in Utah and she once gave us a little performance at our house. Set on the side of a huge mountain, this is a rather large house with a cavernous living room. She shook the rafters. The sound of her powerful voice traveled through my open windows, down …

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Successful people, consistently successful people, understand the difference between process and results. A recent article in the Boston Herald about Theo Epstein, the general manager of the Boston Red Sox, shows that Theo understands this principle well. It is the primary reason behind the consistent competitiveness of the Boston Red Sox since the beginning of the Epstein Era. I love this team more than ever because it has become such a model of scientific excellence, marketing genius, innovative management, and patient execution.
Are you judging your personal, professional, and organizational results on …